Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Mind - My Only Real Limitation

I know it's been a while and to be honest I can probably list a million and one reasons why I haven't been able to write anything in a while. Funny enough, it is not for the lack of something to write but I have been struggling with the issue of what is relevant to people and what can I write that would have the most impact. I decided today to go with something that I have been struggling with recently and I am hoping that a few of you can relate to it but above all that a handful of you would take something out of it that would encourage you and motivate you to continue pressing forward and looking and marching towards that goal that you want to achieve.

Recently, I launched a new venture with a friend and even though the road was anything but smooth, we still did it and broke so many barriers that were placed on us to actually see our dream come true. We faced every obstacle and problem and found a solution and continued to move forward. There were days that we were totally discouraged and days that we really felt like quitting. The funniest thing of all for me was, for every victory we thought we had, there were a million and one issues coming quickly behind to make that victory seem inconsequential.

Recently, it seems like i have been stuck in a rut and it seems like the venture would never break through to the next level and it seems for every strategy we try, it fails to yield the desired result and it actually was frustrating me for a while. Until recently, I sat down and begin to say to myself, in spite of every obstacle, every doubting Thomas, every negative thought or negative comment and people's disbelief, we still launched so then, what is the problem?

Truth is the problem is me, I have built up a limitation in my mind that the venture would not succeed and because of that, I am not as committed to it as I should be. Truth is whether I like it or not, if it is going to fail, it would fail but I need to stay committed and work hard at it to not fail, so that even if it does fail, it won't be because I did not work hard, keep at it, commit to it and do everything that I was supposed to do. let it fail because of external factors that I had no control over and really and truly could not find a solution to. I need to continue to believe as I have always believed that distractions would always exists, nay sayers would always exists, my negative thoughts and doubts would always exist but what matters most is how I rise above all this. Once I allow these things to defeat me in my mind then no matter what I would be defeated. Truth is the only reason I would not succeed is I have already accepted in my mind that I would not succeed, as a man thinks in his heart so is he....uhmm

So what is it that you are working towards? That exam, that Job interview, that business venture, that weight goal, that financial goal; you would only fail if you have made up your mind that you cannot succeed. The only limitation we can never overcome is the one we place on ourselves.

Experience has taught me that the moment I believe I can do it, I suddenly have strength and most times I can think clearer and begin to see solutions to the problem. Taking that limitation off my mind, begins to open up possibilities, opportunities and solutions and how to overcome a problem.

The battle always has to be fought and won in the mind first...As a man thinks in his heart so is he.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

One Step at a Time

It's been a while since I have written anything and the funny thing is I've really missed writing but I have not been able to write because I've been struggling with what to write.

Recently, so much has been going on and because of that my mind has been running riot and anytime I try to write, I cannot actually settle on what to write on. I feel like I have so many things I really want to write on and end up not writing anything.

Truth be told it says a lot about my life situation at the moment. Life has been very busy at the moment with my normal 9 to 5 job, my triplets at home, my home front to keep and then launching a business. This does not include every other extra-curricular that I have committed to. I can probably go out on a leach and say everything else in my life apart from the new business is routine for me regardless of the challenges that come with them, somehow I can always find a solution to problems happening on the home front or at work or with my children or hubby but the new business has been a different ball game altogether.

From the inception of the idea to the launching, the business had always thrown challenges at me and my business partner, sometimes we would run into so many issues on the same day from regulatory issues to business process issues to financial issues to just agreeing on little things. When we run into issues on the same day, we sometimes get very overwhelmed by the whole thing, that knowing where to begin finding solutions become overwhelming. There have been days where we would both just ignore the issues hoping they would go away but as we all know problems never disappear till you actually solve them. There have been days when we’ve probably both contemplated quitting, funny thing is none of us has been brave enough to voice that out to each other. When we finally decided to do a test launch, which we are in the middle of, it just seems like the problems have become more but it now seems like we are handling it better. We don’t get overwhelmed by many problems when they all come at us at once, actually we are now more like, what’s the solution and most times its solution A, B and C.

I’m sure you are wondering how we have managed to get to that point of not being overwhelmed by many problems, the one thing we both have learnt throughout this journey is to take it a step at a time. Do not try to solve all the problems or even one problem in one go, it is better to take a deep breath and break a problem down into all its necessary components by thinking and working through it one component or one step at a time. Once you learn to solve a problem one step at a time and go through the right process, you don’t feel as overwhelmed anymore and it becomes easier to actually come up with a feasible solution.

Every problem in life has a solution and every obstacle in life can be overcome if only we would take a deep breath and not let the problem, issue or obstacle overwhelm us. The only way for us not to be overwhelmed is to always take things one step at a time. Think a problem through one step at a time before attempting to solve it, do not just dive in and attempt it solve it blindly. When you dive in to solve it blindly, a lot of times you end up creating more problems and make matters worse. It is better to understand the problem, issue or obstacle and then spend time thinking it through and then coming up with a solution that makes sense and would actually work. Like the popular saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, life’s problems, issues cannot be solved in a rush, take it one step at a time.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Evaluating where you are now

Today is the 26th of May, waoh, almost the end of the 5th month of the year and somehow we are into the half of the year 2015. I'd say so many people are beginning to take stock of where they are at and where they thought they would be at this point of the year. Some of us have surpassed those goals, some of us just about met those goals, some of us are a few miles off and some of us are way off.

I would like to say a big congratulations to those who have surpassed their goals, congratulations to those who just about met their goals, well done to those who are a few miles off and I’ll give a big ovation to those who are way off especially if they are still putting in the work to achieve those goals because they are resilient enough to stay with it.

The funny thing with goals sometimes is that when they are set, we only have an idea what and how we are going to go about meeting them but most of the times we do not see or know the challenges we would face in other to meet those goals.

My post today is really for those who think they have not met the goals they set out to achieve by this time this year. One of the key ways to progress further is to take a realistic, honest and critical look at the situation we find ourselves in. The question we need to ask is why did we not achieve these goals. Were the reasons within our control or out of our control? If they were within our control, how can we deal with the reasons and how can we stop them from happening again. If they are out of our control, how can we get round them, what are our alternative solutions? What can we do to get back on track? Sometimes we also need to ask ourselves if the goal we set at that time is still relevant or if we need to discard the goal and set a new one. Goals change every time. Goals change because our outlook to life changes and we either get a new perspective on things or a new revelation happens and we have to change what we want to achieve. When I started out in my career, my ultimate goal was to be a financial director of a company, to be honest that has changed, now I want to be an entrepreneur who owns many companies and I am also very interested in social entrepreneurship. My goals to achieve my maximum potential has not changed but I have discovered more about myself, I have come to understand myself better and because of that my goals have changed. This has also made 2015 goals change as well.

This year has been very busy and challenging for me but i have come to understand myself better. The truth is I have achieved more goals than i set out to achieve already but I am also far from where I wanted to be now in 2015.

Sometimes when you think you are far away from your final destination, you need to take a hard look at yourself, sometimes there are soft goals that you have achieved, I call them the softer goals. Things like discipline, resilient, metal strength, character, better judgement, all these things are very important to be able to achieve those final goals.

So we all need to look at all our goals and evaluate where we are at, what we have done wrong, what we have done right, what has worked for us and what has not worked for us and come up with a plan to move forward.

I will end with this, it does not matter how far away you think you are from achieving your goals, they are still very much achievable, you just need to re-evaluate where you are and come up with a plan to keep moving forward, you have come this far, now is not the time to give up. LGP is cheering for you.

Friday, 17 April 2015


It's the beginning of the second quarter of the year. How are we all doing with our new year resolutions and all those goals that we set at the beginning of the year 2015.

for some of us we carried goals over from 2014 into 2015 and swore and promised ourselves that all these dreams, goals and ambitions would be realised before the end of the first quarter of 2015. Does that sound familiar to anyone. well if it does, then keep reading, and if it doesn't, well still keep reading, who knows when you might need this post.....

for me, the year started with a bang, i put so many things into motion and had a plan of what I wanted to achieve within a 3 month timeframe. oh well, some I have been able to meet, some I am very much struggling with, though I'm not so sure struggling is the word to use.

When we set goals and have ambitions, sometimes we tend to forget that the actualisation of these goals though dependent on us is also very much depended on outside factors, some of which we can not control.

For every goal we make up our minds to achieve, we need to remember that there is a very strong possibility that we would be met with obstacles and challenges. These obsatcles and challenges play a very big part in if we actually meet our goals in the end. Though to be very honest, how we deal with these challenges and obstacles is the final piece in the puzzle of achiveing our goals.

I can say without a shadow of doubt, we have all faced challenges and obstacles this year on the road to achieving our goals, for some of us we have been able to stand strong in the face of it all and are still pushing towards these goals even though the timing we set for ourselves might be a little off but we are still going strong and are determined to achieve against all odds. For some of us, we went into over drive mood and over time mood and still achieved it within the time frame but I'm sure you felt the dent physically, mentally and emotionally. For some of us, it took going back to the drawing board, doing more research, getting more insights while putting the dream or goal on hold for a while and for some of us, we just gave up.

For me, the first quarter of this year I have found myself in all three situations I have described above but i refuse to be in the fourth category, "THE GIVE UP" category. For me, all my experiences have made me understand the word "RESILIENCE". Truth is I have been tested to the very core of my make up this year but through it all by the grace of God, I have kept going and going and would continue to go. Why? because I have a vision that I belive in strongly, beacuse that goal that I set at the beginning of the year is something I believe in.

I have learnt that trying to get people to believe in your vision or to buy into an idea is hard and is very difficult to do. You would hear many pessimistic and negative opinions and many reasons as to why it can not be done and all the likes. There would also be some people siting on the fence, those who are not against the idea but would be willing to support when it becomes successful. Truth is I am grateful for all of them and all of these experiences because it has helped me build character, helped me go back to the drawing board, helped gather knowledge and above all it has strengthened my trust and faith in God. It has reminded me that in everything, I need to depend sole on Him.

I really have to come to understand the word  "RESILIENCE".

You might be wondering what does the word "RESILIENCE" mean literally. Well "RESILIENCE" means "the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity" basically no matter the beating you take and no matter how much you fall down or no matter how hard life throws circumstances and chalenges at you, you still get back up.

I particularly like this definition "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness."

So no matter how hard it has been this year for you to achieve a particular goal or dream, make up your mind to be "RESILIENT", hang on for a little while longer,you will be surprised how much you can achieve. The way I see it is, if you are still going to be alive tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, then you might as well keep working towards that goal and dream. Its still better than sitting around doing nothing, plus do you want to spend your life wondering what could have happened.

I feel like I also need to say for some of us to build resilience, we need to chnage our cycle of friends, people who have goals or dreams they are working towards instead of hanging around people who just want to coast through life. For some of us we need to seek out a mentor or use the internet to our advantage and start reading about the failures that successful people had to deal with.

So whether it is an exam, or a new job, a promotion, a business venture that is your dream or goal this year and you have had so many failurees this year, heard so many NOs, keep at it, get RESILIENT.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Take the Bull by the Horn

Taking the bull by the horn is a very scary and hard thing to do that a lot of us wouldn't dare think of it not to talk of physically doing it.

I've found myself saying that statement to a lot of people recently and even to myself and tonight I really sat down to think about what it really means and represents.

Success does not come easy, behind every success story there are sacrifices, obstacles, trials, failures, tears, shut doors, disappointments, betrayal and I can go on and on. But to eventually become a success, you have to be able to look all these things in the eye and deal with them and overcome them and keep pushing forward regardless. On facing these things, sometimes we become discouraged, frustrated, angry and a lot of times we feel like giving up. The truth is in spite of all these things and how we might feel at these times, we need to keep pushing forward, somehow we need to find that inner strength to keep fighting. We NEED TO TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORN.

If we don't, then that dream would never become a reality, that product would never be manufactured, that book would never be written, that company would never be founded, that Job would elude you. Whatever it is, no matter how tough it gets, you need to keep trying and pushing and one day that SUCCESS would be yours.

With everything I have been able to achieve, I always found out that at the edge of my breakthorugh is when the pressure is worse, that's when I feel like quitting, that is the point where i feel like I can no longer continue but the key is to persevere beyond that point and once you can get past that breaking point, somehow victory comes and even if victory does not happen, I find that I become stronger and gain more inner strength to continue.

I love Thomas Edison, a guy who failed 999 times at inventing the light bulb but he was quoted to have said that he learnt 999 ways on what to do better. That is classic. The point is to see the lessons in our failures and keep pressing on. It is also reported how his laboratory burnt down when he was in his sixties, apparently he told his children to go get their mother because she would never see a fire like that again in her lifetime. He still rebuilt his laboratory after the tragedy. He said he figured he would live till about a hundred, what would he be doing if he didn't rebuild his laboratory and continue his work. Point is he looked troubles and disaster in the face and took the bull by the horn and he was unstoppable.

Taking the bull by the horn makes us an unstoppable force not because we have all the answers or can do it all by our strength but somehow no matter what comes our way, we keep pressing on, we keep fighting on, we keep praying through, we hold on to faith and hope knowing that after it all, there lies a better tomorrow.


Monday, 16 February 2015

YOU - The only obstacle

lately, I have been struggling to understand why only a certain percentage of people who talk about wanting success actually achieve that success. It troubles me to see people who Years back were full of hope, ambition and high aspirations and right now there lives seem to be worse than it was years ago or stagnant. Some of these people were people I secretly wished that I had the ability to talk about the things I wanted to do with such passion. Thinking about these things made me reevaluate my own life. It made me reevaluate my successes and my failures. I realised that none of my successes came easy or were achieved without any obstacles, but inspire of the difficulties I encountered, I persevered, I studied hard, researched the solution to the obstacle, I prayed to God for direction on how to go about overcoming the obstacle, I sought help, advice and I pressed on towards the mark, I remained focused on achieving the goal, I kept moving on towards the prize because I believed in that goal enough or was passionate about it enough and I said to myself failing was not an option, I did not give up. What l learnt was I did not overcome the obstacles to my successes because it was easy for me to but I overcame them because I made a choice that I was going to achieve that success regardless of the many obstacles. I made up my mind to win. When I look at my failures, I realised that somewhere along the line, I decided, please I can't kill myself, if it's not working out, that's it - I give up. I refused to be bothered, I did not sit down or stay with the problem enough to be bothered to find a solution. I refused to seek for help or advice, I could not be bothered to try, I allowed myself to become demotivated, I lost sight of the prize and somehow I convinced myself that the goal either did not matter to me that much or I simply just gave up. It dawned on me that the common denominator between my successes and failures was me, myself and I. The difference between the two was how I handled the obstacles that came my way. Uhmmm, so I suddenly realised, the only thing or person that can ever stop me from achieving and goal is ME. My attitude to the problems or obstacles I encounter would determine if I end up winning or losing. Truth about life is that every road to success or great inventions is paved with many problems, failures and obstacles but we have these inventions today because of how the inventor chose to handle or see these obstacles. Obstacles, problems, failures along the way should really be seen as ladders that should propel us or help us get a step closer to our goal or achievements. I love the analogy of a road to somewhere you are driving to, all of a sudden during the course of your journey, you encounter bumps, flooded areas, pot holes and because of that you decide to turn back and not go...uhmmmmm, truth is most drivers find a way to manoeuvre past these potholes, bumps, flooded areas, diversions to get to their destination. The same should apply to our lives which is so precious to us. The truth is we would always and I mean always encounter problems, obstacles, failures and fallings but the only thing and the biggest obstacle that can stop you from achieving your dreams in life is how you choose to handle the obstacles you encounter. So basically only YOU can stop you from getting to your desired destination. It is time to make a choice not to allow YOU to stop you from achieving your goals for 2015. Let 2015 be the year where YOU make up your mind to stay focused and inspired against all odds. If it ever gets to a point where you feel overwhelmed and are on the brink of giving up, my advise seek help, reach out to people to help you, get a mentor and above all pray for God's wisdom and direction, He is our ever present help in time of need.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What is in your stuffing?

Have you ever wondered why after cooks or chefs who make the Christmas or thanksgiving turkey put so much emphasis on how the stuffing for the turkey is prepared. They place so much emphasis on how the stuffing has to be a certain texture, taste or have certain ingredients. They are very particular about where they buy the ingredients, the certain bran and so on and so forth. for them, what makes a perfect turkey is the perfect stuffing that goes into the stuffing. If the stuffing turns out bad, it is more than likely, the taste of the turkey would be equally bad. Let me bring it to myself a little. I am very particular whenever i have to eat patties or what we Africans call meatpie. For me, the stuffing in the pattie or meatpie has to be a certain taste for it to be perfect. It so important to me that i wuld only eat a meatpie of which i know the source. I recently discovered one that came close to perfection in Dublin especially when it is hot, lets just say my waste line has never remained the same since then. I recently started working on a project in a new job. Let's just say, as luck would have it, someone was leaving the organisation as i was starting. The person's job has nothing to do with the projects i have been employed to do. The CFO asked if i would provide some certain cover till he was able to replace the person and he made certain reference to some knowledge and experience on my C.V. Last week, he said to me, i hope you are as good as you are doing your own job as you are at doing the job of the cover that you are doing for me. I laughed.....But the truth is, it was a true test of the stuffing on the inside of me. What knowledge do i possess, what expertise do i have? An employer would only pay you for your knowledge or expertise. Companies spend top money on projects especially for skills that they feel are scarce in circulation. Companies also pay top notch for people who they feel are an asset and possess knowledge and skill that would help drive their companies forward strategically. When companies go into the market to recruit, they are always looking for the best candidates, meaning they are looking for the candidates with the best stuffing. I read an article recently written by a guy that had spent so much time around very successful people, one of the things he listed that these people do is the fact that they have a quest for knowledge like no other people he knows and they surround themselves with people who know, basically people who they feel are stuffed with the right things. I have learnt that one of the keys to success is investing in yourself, basically stuffing yourself with the right ingredients. You are only as good to a potential employer or client if you have your own business as the quality of the stuffing on your inside. The bible says it better than anyone else "it says we need to study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that has nothing to be ashmaed of, rightly dividing the word of truth", this basically means invest in yourself as a christian by spending time in the word of God so you can fully understand what it means to be a Christian and understand fully who you are in Christ and know what is expected of you. The bible to a Christian is the manual we need to go through life successfully, if you don't spend time in the word of God, how can you live successfully. Basically the amountof time you spend in God's word will be parallel to the stuffing you are made of as a Christian. I leave you with this, to be successful in whatever you choose to do in life, you need to spend time investing in yourself, educationg yourself, reading the right books, getting the right mentorship, basically doing anything that would make the stuffing inside of you the RIGHT STUFFING. Make 2015 a year where you invest in yourself to get the RIGHT STUFFING inside of you. STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF......

Sunday, 11 January 2015

How clueless am I ?

The beginning of the year is when we all write down those lofty dreams that we have the good intentions of attaining. I particularly love people's spirits in January, it's all full of hope and the right attitude to succeed. It's so funny how in January, almost every one has that winning and can do attitude.Somehow we are all upbeat about our aspirations at the beginning of the year. I'm one of those people who when people tell me what their dreams are or what they hope to achieve, I immediately ask them how they intend to go about achieving those dreams. To be honest, it saddens me that 90 percent of the people actually do not have a clear plan on how they are going to achieve that dream, basically they are clueless about what to do to get to where they want to get to. The hard truth is nothing really happens by chance or mistake and the sooner people come to terms with that, the better for them. A successful life just doesn't happen, it has gone through a process. It's a little wonder how we never hear of a successful person until they become successful, that is because that successful person had to go through a process. Realisation of dreams goes through a process like everything else in life. I'll liken it to the most natural thing in life, growth of a human being. An adult human being is born a baby, then the baby has to be fed, nurtured and taken care of to become a full,grown, healthy and functional adult. The kind of nurturing and environment the baby is raised in determines if the baby grows up to be a functional or dysfunctional adult or even dies due to malnutrition or abuse. The same applies to all our dreams, we need to nurture them, do the right thing and expose them to the right environment to ensure they do not remain as just dreams but grow into reality or just die along the way. Now the bigger question for many of us, is what do we need to do to make these dreams a reality ? Basically, what clues do we need? In 2015, I intend to encourage a lot of people to begin to gather the right clues by way of getting access to the right information that would help make their dreams a reality. I'll encourage people to ask for help where needed, seek out people who could answer your questions, people who can point you in the right direction. Search the Internet, ask successful people, get the right information- basically get the right clues. 2015 is not the year to suffer in cluelessness or ignorance. It's the year to arm yourself with the right tools to become all you have been designed to be. Have a good week ahead and keep your questions coming.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015!!! What's in store for us?

I'd start by saying a big congratulations and welcome to 2015. I consider it a honour to be here still breathing, still standing and excited about what opportunities the next 365 days hold for me and you should as well.

I intend to keep this piece as short as possible. We all start the new year on a high note because somehow everything new has the power to make us feel excited, hopeful and in possession of faith and strength to take on the whole world. The birth of everything new breeds hope. Everyone rejoices at the birth of a new child, everyone rejoices when they wake up in the morning, a lot of people I know always attach significant hope to their birthday. A birth of a new invention brings joy to its inventor. Everything new and unique is always celebrated. Steve Jobs is remembered today for his various inventions.

2015 is a new year, a birth of a new invention, rekindled hope, a birth of a new hope. What would you do with the opportunity of 365 days of birth of new inventions, rekindled hope, births of new hope. Everyday in 2015 is an opportunity to make that goal, that dream, that vision a reality. The bad news however is 2015 only has in store for us all what we choose to retrieve from it. We will only be as successful as we can see, basically it all depends on our capacity. The manifestation of our dreams, goals and visions in 2015 is very dependent on how much our mind can perceive and how much we persevere and fight to overcome all the obstacles 2015 brings our way.

We at LGP would like to say a big thank you for being a part of what we do in 2014 and we are really looking forward to a bigger, better and greater 2015.

On behalf of LGP I say a very big congratulations for the many successes, realised dreams, achieved goals and manifestation of visions in 2015.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pitfalls of not setting goals

As the year draws to an end and we look forward to 2015, I know we are all looking forward to 2015 with hope of a bigger and better year. Truth is 2015 can be a bigger and better year but only if we treat 2015 better than we treat 2014. In life, the law of sowing and reaping applies to everything, what we invest into something will eventually be a reflection of what we gain of that thing. Life is not a magic show and nothing happens by chance and life is not a product of what will be will be.

As we look to 2015, I encourage everyone to treat their 2015 better, with a little bit more respect than they have treated their previous years, actually let me rephrase that, treat your life which is actually very precious with the very respect that your life deserves. One of the ways to do that is to have a vision for your 2015 by setting goals for it. God has always expected us to have a vision for our life, to set goals, that's why it is boldly written in the scriptures, that where there is no vision, the people perish. So in order not to perish in 2015, let us all set goals and have a vision for 2015. Perishing has nothing to do with physical death, but the mere fact that you wake up everyday aimlessly, without something you are actually working towards, then you are definitely what I like to call a living dead.

There are many reasons we all do not like to set goals. Let's look at a few of them;

1. We do not know how - some people find it hard to set goals and it is mainly because a lot of times we are overthinking what we want to achieve or sometimes overreaching. The easiest way to do it is to look at every aspect of your life and first write down where you want to be in 2015 and then begin to put a timeline around it and write down what you need to do to achieve that goal. This would help break your goals into short, medium and long term goals. If you still find yourself struggling on setting your goals, then find someone who can help.

2. We are afraid  we might not achieve them - some of us do not like to set goals because we feel at
the end of the day these goals would not be achieved by us and we do not like the feeling of not being able to achieve. I can totally relate to that feeling, I have actually refused to start a project because I already have that feeling of failure from the beginning but personally I've learnt that what I feel for not even starting the project is worse than how I feel if I start and fail. It's like saying today, I won't get out of bed because I'm afraid I might not be able to get through the day. By the time you do that everyday, you end up frustrated and depressed which is how many of us feel when we do not achieve our goals in life which is that perishing that God refers to. Whenever you find yourself being afraid, think into the future and imagine the joy you would feel when that goal is achieved and let that be your motivation. From reading about successful people, I've learnt that they always feared at some point that they might fail at their vision but today here we are reading and hearing about their achievements.

3. We are afraid of hardwork.... Uhm Mr. lazy - Some of us are just plain lazy because we know that
once we set a goal and we are bound by it especially if we shared the goal or vision with someone else, we become accountable to fulfilling it. Fulfilling it requires hardwork, perseverance, staying with it through the hurdles, the road blocks, the ups, the downs, the failures, the rejections, the mockers and all these could be hard to deal with. It would take its toil on us, it would require us to keep going even when we don't feel like. So we decide, life is not that hard, why kill ourselves right!!!!!. Lazy people achieve nothing and the bible calls them wasters.

4. We like where we are..... Mr. Complacent - Some of us do not set goals because we compare ourselves to others and somehow get it into our heads that we are better than the next person and become comfortable with where we are and therefore choose to remain in one spot. It is not natural. Nothing remains in one spot, anything that remains stationary eventually begins to rot, degrade, wither or die. If you leave food in a place without touching it, it eventually perishes, stationary poles after a while begin to rust. Think of anything that remains in a spot and begin to watch it daily and see what eventually happens to it. Mr. Complacent would eventually perish after a while.

5. We believe we do not have to set goals to succeed.... Uhm Mr. Arrogant - I've met people who tell me they just achieve, they don't set goals. Oh well what can I say but never leave your life to chance because someone else would set goals for your life if you don't. Your life belongs to God and you and not chance, luck or other people.

No matter where we find ourselves in the categories above, it is better to set goals than not to. We all like to pray that our paths would shine brigher an brighter, well stop praying, start acting in accordance with God's word or rather start doing works and faith by setting goals and having a vision for your life to avoid perishing in 2015.

I leave you with this quote, " There is only one pitfall and that pitfall is FAILURE in life. One can argue that you could still get away by living an ordinary, normal, mediocre life but an ordinary, normal , mediocre life is still a life of FAILURE and an insult to the ONE who created us all and blessed us with this precious gift of life".

If you need help in setting and working towards your goals in 2015, feel free to reach out to the LGP team.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

HELP!!! I'm overwhelmed

The past few weeks have been very busy for me, filled with deadlines, goals to achieve, projects to complete amongst other day to day commitments and I actually began to feel very tired and overwhelmed. I am always on the go and a lot of times I find it very difficult to just relax, rest and just not do anything.

Every now and then I get the opportunity to drop off my three year old at school. we normally have to get the train and somehow we both enjoy the train ride because we get time to gist. I ask her about school and her friends and generally what's going on with her. All the fun normally stops when we get off the train and we have to walk down to her school. For her, all she wants to do is stop along the way, pick flowers, smell the flowers, admire the nicely cut grass in the beautiful suburb area that her school is situated in. While, for me I am thinking of the next train I need to catch to be able to make my early morning meetings.

I missed my train on one faithful day and I was really upset with her and I was so frustrated. Waiting on that platform, I was so furious with her for wasting my time. When I eventually got on the train, me being me, I began to think and plan my day ahead. Anyone that knows me would testify to the fact that somehow my brain is always in gear and all of a sudden, it dawned on me that I could actually learn from a three year old and that there was more to life than just being on the go all the time and the reason I sometimes feel overwhelmed and frustrated is because somehow I am always on the go, once I achieve one thing, I am straight away onto the next achievement or the next goal. I began to think about how she stopped and took time to admire the beauty of nature, the beauty of her surroundings and it began to dawn on me that because we are so busy, a lot of us miss out on the beautiful things around us. It began to dawn on me that the two only time I STOP to SMELL THE ROSES is when I am so tired and in that overwhelming state.

The key thing when you find yourself in that overwhelming state is to stop and take a step back and go to that place that calms you, that place that gives you joy, that place that makes you so happy that makes everything else seem inconsequential

For me music has always been my thing, it does not matter how frustrated or overwhelmed I am, music has always been the one thing that calms me. Put me in a room by myself till Kingdom comes, as long as I have music, as long as I can worship God in song, that overwhelming feeling begins to fade away. So I've learnt to always go back to my calm place when I begin to feel overwhelmed. So
whenever I feel overwhelmed, I simply just STOP, and let everything be for a while, one thing I have learnt for sure is that the world will not end just because I STOP, but if I'm not careful I might just STOP if i don't STOP and SMELL THE ROSES when I begin to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. As I write this, the scripture " when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I" actually makes perfect sense - Psalm 61:2.

Everyone needs to find that SMELL THE ROSES thing or place, for some of you its reading a novel, for some it's watching movies, for some it's playing games, for some it's hanging out with friends, for some it's simply just doing nothing. The important thing is to find that thing or place that works or helps to calm you when you find yourself being overwhelmed or stressed out.

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed is nature's way of telling you, you need to slow down or re - prioritise your goals or deadlines or simply what you need to feel to be able to make a necessary change in life.

When I am able to achieve that calm state after being overwhelmed, then I sit down and reassess my goals and priorities and most time I have a clearer picture of what I need to do to get to my destination.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Pitfall of New Year Resolutions

Its the middle of November and everyone around me is beginning to look forward to 2015 and the decisions they are going to make in 2015 that will make that spectacular difference to their life. Every time I hear people say that, anger always rises up on the inside of me and I actually think such people are crazy. I gave up on new year resolutions a long time ago, before you crucify me, let me tell you why.

I suppose the question you should ask yourself is, how many of those new year resolutions have you actually adhered to? I've known many people who have become very frustrated with themselves because of their inability to keep up with their new year resolutions and that many people includes me.

I've come to see a far more excellent way than making new year resolutions and I have been able to make greater success and progress in many areas of my life. The question I asked myself one day was why put off something that I can do in November and improve my life in November till January the following year, I said to myself- Dolapo, you must be a mad person to do that. So one of the keys to progress is not to procrastinate in any way shape or form. Do not put off something you can do today to tomorrow.

The second important key is how you see your definition of today, the way you view the dawn of every single day. I see the rising of every morning as a day full of 24 hours of open windows of opportunities to improve or achieve better success in one area of my life. For me every minute counts. I therefore see the 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds of the day as open windows of opportunities. The point therefore is to make a resolution every new day that you are blessed with that you will choose to make decisions that would positively improve your life and I can guarantee you, you will soon move from a mediocre life to a life filled with success.

One of the most important things I also learnt in changing the way I viewed everyday was the fact that every next second, minute, hour or day was an opportunity to work on the failures that the previous second, minute, hour or day has brought my way. In essence I had an opportunity to get up and work on my mistakes and failures quicker. Mentally, I was able to rise up from my failures faster than I would have in the past because I changed the way I think.

Give up on new year resolutions, begin to make new second, new minute, new hour and new day resolution, you just would experience greater and better successes.

The LGP team.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Breaking down your ultimate goal

Our goals and dreams always seem very big and the mere thought of fulfilling it can be very overwhelming most times. The problem is we always focus on the big picture, the final destination and tend to always forget about the journey.

Getting to that goal, dream, big picture is a process. The process is actually more important than the final big picture. The final big picture is as a result of the process. So what you put into the process determines how the end picture would be.

A lot of us get so frustrated on the way to fulfilling our dreams and the reason is because we are constantly focused on the final picture that we  always seem too far from where the final picture is that we begin to feel like under achievers  or failures that we get so frustrated and a lot of times we quit.

I studied Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering as a first degree in a top university in London. By the time I was in my final year, I knew without a shadow of doubt that I did not want to work as an Engineer. Problem was I kept saying to myself that I had a very strong analytical mind and was very intelligent, so I would have a very successful career but I knew I would be very frustrated. After a lot of searching myself and digging deep, I knew I wanted to work in finance. Uhmmmm, then came the dilemma, how do I achieve that dream.

I began to do my research, my guidance counsellor told that with an Engineering degree, I could go on to work in any field, which was very true. One of my options was to apply to any of the accounting firms but I knew I did not want to do Audit. The aspect of finance that I loved was using figures to explain the strategy of the company, or using numbers to analyse the success of a company.

I was so sure I did not want to go and do a masters especially because I had already abandoned a masters programme and mentally I was not prepared to quit at something else. So after much research, i decided to my professional exams in finance, but I decided to do CIMA as oppose to ACCA as I was not interested in audit. Deciding to do the exams was the easiest part of my journey.

The hardest part was finding an employer that would give me a job. It was difficult for employers to understand why I wanted to do such a change. A lot of recruitment agencies told me I was dreaming, told me I would be better off getting a job in IT or Engineering. There were days I came out of their offices and I would cry out of frustration or get so upset but I knew what I wanted to be and I kept pushing and knocking on doors in the face of rejections and discouragements and obstacles.

Today, all those seem like distant stories because I have become more than I ever dreamed that I wanted to be in my chosen field of finance because as I got to know more, my dreams got bigger and my visions got bigger and I aspired to achieve more, but I took it one day at a time and I broke my dream into little steps.

My steps were;

1. Apply to do my professional exams
2. Find a school to take my classes
3. Look for a job in finance to get experience
4. Draw up a career path, wanted to be a finance manager within four years, achieved it in less than that
5. Do more study- a masters degree which I have done.

Now I have attained a greater height in my career and I am living my career dream.

The key is to have a final destination in mind and break how to achieve it into smaller steps as little goals that need to be achieved and you would feel less overwhelmed and less frustrated.

The LGP Team

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Determination! A key ingredient for success

I spent the last two weeks reading up on lives of successful people and the one they all had in common was their ability to press forward, to persevere no matter how many times they failed. Their ability to pick themselves up after every fall, get up and keep moving forward. The funny thing is unless you begin to read up on these guys, you never really learn about their constant struggles and failures, all we see are their constant successes and we think they must be more intelligent than us or they had it better in life or they never really failed at anything but the truth is they probably have more failures than you and I because they have tried at it more times than you and I have had the courage to try.

We all think Microsoft and Bill gates springs to mind and we say a man who has been successful in changing the face of computers but this was a man who dropped out of college to pursue a dream and who had every door closed in his face in the beginning when he was looking for funding and for someone to believe in his dream. I can imagine Bill Gates walking into a bank or into anyone's house to ask for funding, they would all be falling over to give him the money but alas fast forward now, Microsoft is one of the few companies with a very healthy cash flow on their balance sheets.

I was talking to a group of young people about the ingredients of success and I asked them who a successful person was and they mentioned Messi and Serena Williams.

Serena Williams as a Tennis player has a very successful career winning 18 grand slams and many other trophies. I've followed her career for a very long time, she had days where she was knocked out of tournaments in the very initial rounds. What did she do after every defeat, she learnt the lesson and came back out the next time fighting to win, that shows determination. Did she fail at that point, yes, did she pick herself up and keep pressing forward? Yes also.

I like to compare determination to two natural things in life. When you physically fall down , even though you get hurt, cut or bruise yourself, I am very sure you don't just stay there and never get up. No, you stand up and get treatment for your wound or you get someone to help you if you are unable to help yourself, somehow no matter what it takes, you get up after a fall because you need to get well. That is determination. The second thing I like to compare it to is a child learning to walk. I always watch them in awe because no matter how many times they fall, they cry sometimes but they get up and keep at it because they are determined to get to their destination, they are determined to learn how to walk.

Why am I saying all these, it pains me to see people who have the ability to succeed at something they have a passion for and quit at the first sign of an obstacle or decide of give up after a fall or even so many falls. The truth is for you to succeed you have to be determined to get u and continue on after every fall or failure. It is not okay to quit when things do not go your way or when it gets very rough, that is when you should pick yourself up even if it means getting help and press forward.

My primary school motto was perseverance and success- it made more sense to me as I got older. For every great success story, there  are a series of failure stories behind it. No wonder the bible says a righteous man may fall seven time but...... When it comes to determination, my greatest hero is God, who after Man fell in the garden of Eden, He kept coming up with different ways to redeem man and was determined to save us His beloved creation and did not give up until He sacrificed His son, Jesus at the cross. Imagine if God had given up....food for thought. Jesus is another very powerful example who when faced with the cross even though at one point He prayed to God to let this cup pass over Him, still went to the cross because He was determined to save us, to fulfil His purpose. Imagine a world where His blood was not shed.

I leave you with this, find a successful person who you admire, search for information, their stories, their biographies and begin to read up and get behind the story of the person, I believe in there you will learn a bit about determination to succeed.

The LGP Team

Monday, 22 September 2014

It's time to graduate

We all have dreams and visions in life but the truth is only few of us actually get to live those dreams. It's funny how when we hear people talk about their unaccomplished dreams, we actually think that can never be us. Uhm...the sad truth is, that would be many of us in the next couple of years if care is not taken.

The easiest part of anyone's dreams is to sit down and talk about them. I find it's very easy to talk about what we want to achieve in life. Oh, do we love to hear the sound of our voices talking about where we see ourselves in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and so on and so forth. The question however is, how many of us would actually take the next step; the next step being taking actual steps to realise those dreams. The hardest part of fulfilling any dream is putting in the hard work and commitment it takes to make those dreams a reality.

A lot of us have dreams and visions and we do not even know what it takes or what we need to do for those dreams to come to pass. A lot of us want to own businesses but we have never read a book on how to start a business, or books on running a successful business. We want to be an entrepreneur but you have never read a book on any successful entrepreneur. Uhm.....and you actually think you are serious about your dreams.

I was teaching a class of young people one day and I asked them what they wanted to become in life and they all started telling me how they saw themselves as doctors, lawyers, accountants and much more. I was like, waoh, good, you guys are so ambitious, I like that, then I asked my next question; what do you need to do to get there? What subjects do you need to study in school now? What grades do you need to get? What colleges offer those courses? What other alternative routes are available to you? How much time do you spend studying? Lets just say I was very disappointed at their responses. So I told them, their future might pass them by if they do not start actually working towards these dreams. It's okay to have dreams but it's far way better to work towards those dreams. I told them dreams do not materialise by accident, you have to be ready to put in the work. Dreams do not come to pass by magic. It is only a lazy person that sits down and hopes that his dreams would come to pass without him doing the work that is needed. The book of proverbs chapter 6 verse 6 says "Go to the ant, you lazy man! Observe it's ways and become wise" which means if you do not work hard at your dreams, do not expect them to come to pass. I also love what the bible says in Proverbs 24 verse 33 - 34 " A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep; so shall thy poverty come as one that travellers; and thy want as an armed man". This basically means a lazy person would achieve nothing in life but poverty. Well, as the bible says, whatever you sow, you shall surely reap, I love that scripture because it applies to very aspect of our lives. If you do not read for an exam, you simply fail. If you do not take steps in actualising your dreams, it surely would not come to pass. So I leave you with this simple statement tonight, " Quit talking about your dreams, it's time to graduate to actually taking the required steps to fulfilling those dreams".

Monday, 15 September 2014

Knowledge is power

The one lesson I can boldly say that I have learnt as I work in various spheres of life, is the respect people who are experts in any field actually command.

When people want an opinion on any matter, they look for what we call a subject matter expert. For example, if I a pregnant woman needed information during pregnancy on matters concerning her pregnancy, she would seek out a gynaecologist. If you had problems with your car, you would not take it to a gynaecologist, you would take the car to mechanic. If you wanted to become a computer scientist, you would not go to college and enrol for Business and Finance. These examples are the simplest of examples. When you begin to dig deeper, people then begin to separate the wheat from the chaff. What do I mean by separating the wheat from the chaff? I mean people begin to separate mediocrity from excellence. If  a lot of people had their way, they would go to the best school there is to study a particular course or would take their car to the best garage there is to make sure they were getting the best education there is or their car was getting the best service there was.

When you venture into the working world, you get paid for what you know. The amount you get paid should be synonymous to what you are worth. What you are worth is judged by what you know.

Truth about life is you can never really excel beyond your level of knowledge. The application of the knowledge you know births wisdom. This wisdom that you have is what helps you to be a problem solver. 

When people begin to see that you have knowledge and wisdom, they would begin to sought after you thereby giving birth to power. All my life I have loved the scripture study to show thyself approved, I'll stop at the first line of that scripture. The same way victory as Christians would elude us if we do not study God's word is the same way when it comes to our chosen career paths in life, we would be without success if we do not begin to study to show ourselves approved in our chosen 
fields. The anchor scripture in life that God gave me as a young Christian was wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting, get understanding. Honestly, this scripture did not make sense until I ventured into the corporate world and I began to be sought after because I always seem to have the answers because I applied myself to knowledge, to studying to show myself approved.

I recently read a book by Dale Carnegie titled the quick and easy way to effective speaking and one of the important keys he stated as being able to be a confident public speaker is having knowledge about the topic you want to speak about. You cannot confidently and effectively speak about a topic you know nothing about. This to me meant knowledge gives you power.

In life, you can not excel limitlessly if you are lazy about getting knowledge and wisdom, it applies both to spiritual things and natural things. So decide what side of the fence you want to be on. The sad thing I just realised is that those of us who are lazy in getting spiritual knowledge are also lazy acquiring physical knowledge.

Nobody pays for mediocrity, decide to live a limitless, excellent life today.

The LGP team.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

You BE what you believe

All day today I could not shake of this statement. You BE what you believe. As I kep thinking about it, a lot of things kept playing through my head and I began to see that my life is actually a product of everything I have ever believed, both the negatives and the positives, uhm.....I am what I believed.

This statement actually made my soon to be two year old twin boys seem very fascinating to me this evening. As I watched them play, I saw two fearless, bold and confident toddlers that believed they could climb anything no matter how high or low and by the way that includes human beings. They will climb all over you to get to what or where they wanted to go without fear. The question, then occurred to me, when do kids loose the everything is possible attitude? As I watched them, I saw two people who did not think anything was impossible or out of their reach. It suddenly dawned on me that just as God said that unless we become as these little children, we shall not enter His kingdom, truth is that applies to His kingdom here on earth as well, if you want to enter into your promised land and be fruitful in life, you have to be like children, fearless and believing that all things are possible.

Funny enough, we all started out that way but somewhere along the line, LIFE happened and we began to allow circumstances dictate what we can achieve and for those who go about life fearlessly, we call them RISK TAKERS. Truth is fearlessness was what God had in mind when He said in Genesis that He had given us dominion. So people who fearlessly reach for their goals are not risk takers but are acting out the innate nature of having dominion.

As I pondered further, it struck me that it is easier to believe in negativity than in positivity. What negativity does is make you lazy. The fact that you believe it would not work out is enough to get your mind into the state of not wanting to bother trying and once your mind is in that state, your body begins to act that state out. Positivity on the other hand means you have to work hard and persevere but your mind has to believe that what you are reaching for is possible so your body would begin to act out your state of mind, suddenly the scripture Romans 12:2 springs to mind, we need to renew our minds to be able to reach for our goals.

I looked up the word BE in the dictionary. The word BE means to exist, occur, happen, materialise, arise, come about. They all point to the same thing, which is what we are.

Like I said, positivity is hard work but it is very possible. Have you ever wondered why anything you sincerely believe you can achieve eventually happens and anything you believe is out of reach always remains out of your reach. Truth is, if you really search yourself, you tend to apply yourself to things you believe you can achieve.

So I leave you with one challenge today, what is that one thing that you really want to achieve but somehow you have convinced yourself it is impossible, write that one thing down and begin to work on your mind first and come up with a plan on how to achieve that thing and trust God who says that with Him nothing is impossible to those who believe.

Come back and share your testimonials when you see results.

The LGP team.

Friday, 29 August 2014

The future starts now

It's funny how we all have dreams for our future, dreaming about what the future holds for us. We dream about that fantastic job we are going to get when we graduate, we dream about that fantastic car, that dream house...blah, blah, blah and the list is endless.

The one that gets me the most is when I hear young people swear they would have a better life than the lives all the adults around them have. It really makes me laugh. I'm sure you are all wondering what's funny. Well, well, the truth is most of these adults had the same dreams you are having now when they were your age. So you them have to ask the question, what happened to them, well the answer we all like to give is LIFE happened, well that there is the answer. If you believe LIFE happened then honestly if your life is mediocre, then it deserves to be because obviously you are one of those who does not take responsibility for your life.

Well, on the one hand, you are right, you should not take responsibility for your life, you should really put your life in God's hands and let Him be responsible but that does not mean you do not do your part. It's all about FAITH and WORKS.

Life does not just happen, your life today is a product of the decisions you made yesterday. Your FUTURE will be a product of the decisions you make today.

Every life of an adult you see today is a result of decisions they made yesterday. People complain and complain about where they are now, yet they do not make a decision to rectify where they will be tomorrow. If you say I hate my job today, what is stopping you from changing careers, oh you might say, well that would require me to go back to school for three years, well news flash, if you don't and you are still alive in three years time, you will still be here complaining. Why not do the right thing by going back to school and be somewhere better in three years. I hear you say, oh, you don't understand what I will have to give up, well, NO SACRIFICE  NO GAIN. That's why God talked about counting the cost before embarking on building a house. But also remember, that the children of Israel spent 40 years complaining and the ones who left Eqypt never entered the promise land. Complaining gets you no where but death in the wilderness.

Where do you see yourself in the future or rather the question to ask yourself is what do I want my future to be? My advice is to sit down today, take out a pen and paper or your iPads, smart phones and write it down and then begin to take the right decisions that would get you there. No matter the cost, it will be worth it in your future. God was very clear when He said in the book of Habakkuk that we should write the vision, so that you would be able to run with it when you read it. As you write it down and trust God with it and begin to lean on God's understanding, He will direct your paths.

Quit complaining about where you are and begin to see the promised land in your future and start working towards it. As they say, the journey of a thousand years actually starts today.

I am really interested in working with anyone who is willing to take their life on as a project on a path to limitless success. Feel free to contact the LGP team.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Nature

I was thinking about nature today and then I started thinking about myself. Everything in nature that was created by God easily does what it was created to do. The sun shines brightly once it is out in the sky unless there is an overcast of clouds which in that case, the clouds are doing what they were created to do. Everything around us actually acts itself out, which means it does that which it was created to do.

Every product designer designs a product with a purpose in mind, the purpose of what that product is suppose to do. When you plug in a hoover, it cleans the floor, when you turn on a washing machine, it washes your clothes. When you go out in the rain without an umbrella, you expect to get wet.

When something does not do what it is supposed to do, we say it is damaged, for instance if we put dirty clothes in a washing machine and after we put it on and it goes through its full cycle but the clothes still come out dry and dirty, we say the washing machine is spoilt, it needs to be fixed.

If all of a sudden you come across a lion in the street and it runs towards you and wants to be cuddled, we would automatically say it is a freak of nature because it is out of character for a lion, needing a cuddle does not come naturally to a lion.

What am i getting at here, it is the question of nature!!! There is that thing that comes naturally to us as a human being, there is that gift in us or talent that comes to us naturally. That thing that we enjoy doing, that thing that is not a chore  to us. That thing that we passionately love doing, that we would do and even if we don't get paid for it, we would still be happy and satisfied from the joy of just being able to do that thing, that thing is our natural gift, talent, the very thing we were created to be or do, that is our NATURE.

NATURE beautifies all that is around it, NATURE feels you with satisfaction, joy unspeakable.

I leave you with one question today, what is your NATURE? In the answer to that question lies your breakthrough.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Do your research

It's funny how most times we make decisions in life that are important to us based on what people said. I have heard people say, oh it is very hard to get into a particular college or university or it is almost impossible to get into a particular career field or you can never make it in life if you choose to do something peculiar with your life. A lot of times, I always ask such people, why do they think so. It's funny that most times, the answers always start with someone said or I heard that........and this breaks my heart all the time.

This takes me back to the second post on this blog " building your road map". I always ask people what research have you personally done that influenced your decision, sad to say the answer is always none. So, let me get this straight, you want to make a decision that would affect YOUR life but YOU have done no research but YOU have concluded it is impossible then honestly YOU are setting YOURSELF up for either a life of failure or at least a mediocre life full of unhappiness.

One thing you need to bear in mind is the so called advisers after advising you are always off to meddle with someone else's life. You are always left to take RESPONSIBILITY for what happens in your life. Do not make decisions in your life based on someone else's mediocre thoughts, who by the way were not talking out of research they have done personally but probably based on what they've heard or their failures.

For any decision YOU want to make, come up with a road map. How do you come up with a road map? The answer is simple, RESEARCH! RESEARCH ! RESEARCH !

Based on your research, come up with a detailed plan on how to get from where you are to where you want to go and begin to work hard towards it. You might come across bumps, pot holes during the course of the journey on the roads, these are important to help build character in you. Every road to success is paved with pitfalls, but do not let these bumps, pit falls, road blocks or pot holes stop you. Use them as a stepping stone to getting to your destination.

Ask the right people questions, use the internet, social media.....anything at all at your disposal to do your RESEARCH

The LGP Team.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Who is to blame?

An important report had to be sent to somewhere very important. The report has been set up to automatically generate the information. The report gets sent in. A day later, it is discovered that the information that went in was not accurate. The blame game starts - the report that did not function as it was suppose to function or the person who sent the report in without analysing and checking the information contained in the report, uhmmmmm

I would really like your input and your thoughts on this.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Build your road map

Every destination begins with a journey. At the beginning of a journey, the person embarking on the journey thinks and comes up with the best route to get to their destination. If we are embarking on a journey to a destination we are not familiar with, we either rely on google maps, AA route planner or we dig out the sat nav. Its funny how every smart phone has some sort of map or sat nav app built into it. In this day and age, only a silly person would embark on a journey without having a route plan or a sat nav that would take them to their destination. My question is then, why do we sometimes embark of different journeys in our lives without a road map, route planner or a sat nav.

A lot of us have so many dreams and goals and we have no plan on how to achieve them or rather we choose to keep working towards the goals without a clear picture on how to get there, walking blindly hoping we would somehow arrive there. Well, well, I hate to burst your bubble, YOU WILL GET LOST.

My first challenge for you is therefore to write your destination down, your destination being your dream, your ambition, your goal and then draw up a map on how to get there.

If you need help drawing up a map or planning a route, please feel free to ask us here.

Looking forward to helping you out

Monday, 4 August 2014

What's on your mind

Every thing in life is designed with a purpose in mind by the creator of the thing. This network was created to help people overcome their limitations. It was created to help people become successful in their chosen careers, help young people maximise their talents, their gifts.

For the network to be effective, we will need to answer real life situation questions. My dream is for every communication on this blog to be a step further in helping someone realise their goals in life.

Please send in your questions or thoughts no matter what it is.


LGP Team


Welcome to Limitless Generation Project. I'm sure you are all wondering what the Limitless Generation is all about. This blog is borne out of my passion to see young people become everything they dream to become. I believe it is possible to be everything you have dreamed to be, no matter how hard it seems or how big the dream seems. I actually believe that a dream or vision has to be bigger than you to be called a dream or a vision. Whatever is easily achievable is definitely not a dream or a vision.

This blog aims to encourage young people to see beyond where they are and begin to see a place in the future where all their dreams are a reality.

The biggest problem we all have when it comes to realising our dreams are the power we attach to the things that we allow to hinder us - basically our LIMITATIONS. These limitations and how they can be overcome are the very reasons this blog was created.

I believe that not race, education, environment, parents, friends, background, religion or anything under the face of the earth can hinder us from achieving our dreams. The one thing I believe that hinders us is our MIND, basically we hinder ourselves by what we end up believing about the things we see as limitations. I am not saying these limitations do not exist, but I am saying these limitations can be overcome.

Please feel free to post questions and comments.

Once again, welcome to Limitless Generation Project and please spread the word.


LGP Team